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@Gen_Con 2017: Day 1 *Insert Funny Title Here*

I was planning on a 'preparatory' post on getting everything together, packing, goals, plans, etc. but that fell through as it took a lot longer than expected. Sooo my day by day account of Gencon 2017 (the 50th Anniv.) a few days late w/ the remaining posts coming over the next few days.  Links will be added at the bottom.

Got up early and headed out. Got to Indy about 8am est and found a spot at the Pan Am lot across the street from the center.  Nice lot that tends to have spots available more often than not and is only $24/day.  Had to wait a bit for the Press Office to open which went smoothly then over to 'Will Call' to pick up my event tickets.  Walking out of the line, I run into Peter Pidrak, Robotech GM extraordinaire for Palladium Books' Robotech RPG Tactics.  He was hauling many crates full of minis and scenery for his events.  More on this on Day 2's post.

Then on to the main hallways and vendor's hall.  Wading through the masses of what I suppose were humanity. At least some of them. Have to hit my usual haunts before an afternoon of films and Gamers Live.

A valiant soldier of the duly and democratically elected government guarding against terrorists.

First up.. Steve Jackson Games.  It's the 40th Anniversary of OGRE and they are celebrating w/ much signage and the release of 6 Ed. in the big scale.

Next.  Palladium Books.   There I immediately hit up Mike Leonard (aka MadManMike). This is the guy that not only did the work on my character and group but also does a lot but does covers and the 'flat paper minis' available on DriveThruRPG. I had him sign my copy of Rifter #77 that had a character w/ the same top on as mine.  I had some fun w/ jokes about it being stolen.

Then Kevin Siembieda signed my 1st Ed., 1st printing copy of Palladium Fantasy Book II: Old Ones.

My buddies at DogMight Games w/ a fantastic new booth and some of the best woodworking around. I have numerous pieces from them (waiting on a castle themed dice tray) and always support their KS's if even w/ just a 'tip jar'.

Over to ZOE/DG.

Steve Wolbrecht being crushed by the crowds.

Sarah Sanders-Ode (the 'hot, ditzy one' from House Rulez) repeating over and over 'Funny Movies made by Funny Gamers" although by the end of the con I think it turned into "All work and no play makes Sarah a dull girl"

 Chris Duppenthaler (Mark from the Gamers movies) and (Wren in Journey Quest)

Heading out of the hall to go to my first showings, I met a Dothraki screamer who had had way to much fermented mare's milk.

My first film of the day was a watching of 'Dark Dungeons'.  A live action rendering of the classic comic tract showing the dangers of playing RPGs.

Next up was 'Attacking the Darkness', a mockumentary directed by Christian Doyle on the making of the above. 

Both films are available through Youtube and various streaming services including Amazon Prime.  Physical copies can be picked up through ZOE/DG (ZODGE?)  store page. (Yes, the link is correct. It is not a virus or redirector).

Then came the highlight of the evening Gamers Live: Revenge of the Vampire King.  I ran into Matt Shimkus and Matt Vancil while waiting in line.

Starring Christian Doyle, Nathan Rice, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Chris Ode, Matt Shimkus, and Steve Wolbrecht. They play a group of gamers and alternate into their characters (decided by the audience) and supported by NPC's drawn from the audience.

A 3D rendering of the characters from the show done by MadManMike while watching it. 

Giant fuzzy dice,  'action points' to change results, a Chuck-E-Cheese animatronic mouse, and lots of bizarre (and sometimes really inappropriate) humor. made this one of the best Gamers Live yet.  Supports of their Patreon page have the opportunity to download them.

After that my brain was shutting off.  Because of the inane 'lottery' that was established for reserving rooms, I did not have one.  My car was where I stayed.  That was.... unpleasant... but I've done worse.

Tomorrow is a new day. More films, shows, and swag in store. 

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