Monday, August 21, 2017

@Gen_Con 2017: Day 2 Lots of Gamers

As I said, the night was... unpleasant.  One would think that an underground garage would be cool, or at least cool off during the night.  Nope.  It stayed 85 deg F the whole night.  I maybe got 3 1/2 hours of actual sleep.  At the point I decided enough was enough and I wasn't going to get any more, I cleaned up a bit (vets will understand the term 'birdbath'), changed, and headed into the convention center to find a gallon or two of coffee.  This is what the halls looked like at 6am.  Note this for later.

There were sheep everywhere.  Apparently some had escaped from Catan. If only I had some wood to trade for them.

Barb from OffWorld Designs, the official outfitters of GenCon. I have been a fan of these folks for years since I picked up their classic 'Rune Dragon' shirt at Worldcon '91.  Later I got the design as a tattoo on my back officially making me their biggest fanboy.  I run into them at nearly every gaming con I go to (not that there's a lot) and make a point to stop by, say hi, and support them.

W/ a few quarts of coffee in me, I shuffled over to the halls to find Peter Pidrak setting up his 'Invid Hive' scenario for the Robotech RPG Tactics. Currently only 'Macross' era is available but he's printed and kitbashed units from both Southern Cross/Masters and Invid Invasion to create some fantastic sets and settings.

I mulled around for awhile and then went into the line for the next Gamers Live: Attack of the Mutants from Planet X. While waiting, we watched the registration and photos for the upcoming costume contest. An Amidala was one of the best imo.

  I splurged for 'Premier Seating' and was one of the first people in line.  Now even cooler than that was they had a panel of authors to act as the 'Fantasy Mind' of the GM and offer suggestions.  They also had 'Action Points worth +/- 10 ea.  Commentary in the form of signage was made throughout the show.  The authors included Matt Vancil, Cat Rambo, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Howard Taylor and (I forget the last one and the pic isn't clear).

Being up in front, I got to demo the rolling of the die.  I will post video/screencaps of that when the streaming is available from their Patreon page.  Christian Doyle had a bit of a sore throat so passed the GM'ing onto Nathan Rice for the event.

After the show.  Christian Doyle and Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe.

My painting friend is a big fan of Howard Taylor's 'Schlock Mercenary' series.  I did something special for him.
Of course while he's being a great sport, I make myself look like an @ss as my camera starts malfunctioning and he ends up standing there for like 5 min.

More films for the rest of the day.  The Gamers Season 0 and then the Premier of Gamers: The Series. Ep 1 The Shadow Menace.

Standing frickin' ovation.

Short brief for those who don't know.  The first Gamers movie was a low budget, indy film made about 15 years ago. Later game Gamers 2 and 3 w/ a new cast/storyline.  At the END of G3, however, the players from G1 appear.  G0 and the Series work on combining the two storylines.  Again, it is available on their Patreon page and soon on DVD/BR.

After the show, I chatted w/ Ben Dobyns (who for some reason still puts up w/ me)

I stayed for his project 'Strowlers', and up and coming series about 'What if magic what real but highly secret and regulated?"  It is an 'open-source' concept that is being worked on now in half a dozen countries around the world. The first episodes were shot in Seattle (shock), Ireland, and Mongolia.

I'll admit. When they did the KS, I was reluctant, backing because I know their work and will support it.  Later, I got the honor of getting to watch a rough-cut of the Ireland episode because Ben wanted the opinions of 'non-film' people (which I definitely am). I was hooked.  I am now kicking myself for not putting more into the Kickstarter.

After the viewing, I helped them haul some stuff back to their booth. Or tried to.  I had my first experience w/ a door-nazi.  One of those that revels in the little power they have.  She not only harangued Ben and some other for daring to try and go in the wrong door (it was after 6pm) but got very hostile and rude w/ me, refusing to let me in because I didn't have a vendors badge.  Ben took the box I was carrying.  I understand there are rules.  It wasn't one of those "Hey, I'm sorry but I could get in trouble if I let you" types.  She was one of those nasty old ladies who will call the pound on your dog out of spite.  She should have been wearing a Stormtrooper outfit.  I saw her the next day and she was acting the same way.  Horrible woman.

Either way, as you can tell from the photo above, I was wiped.  I found my way to the friend of a friend's house that I was staying at.  I was done for the day.

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