Friday, August 25, 2017

Ancient Dread: Octagon's End and the Rock Faeries

Past where the mural was is a square room with a ladder in the center, carved out of stone, leading up.  It opens up into more of a traditional cavern, stalagtites and stalagmites surround us.  The ceiling is about 25' above us. It leads off to the SE. We follow to the left until it curves back around south.  A path through the stalagmites opens to the left (NE) and to the right (SE). We follow the NE path following the 'Left Hand' rule through numerous caverns.  Something lands on my back.  I shake it off.  It appears to be some sort of tiny gnomelike creatures.  Echo pulls out her light gem making them pull back a bit. I activate my bracelet of charismatic aura.  They become my best friends.  Whispering in Faerie they are.  Rod talks with them.  There are spiders in the caverns.  They ask if we are friends and I respond that we are. They start leading us down a cavern.   The fey creatures lead us to a huge set of double doors, obviously dwarven carving. 

To be continued.

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