OGRE 6E: Nihon

Update Note: The Nihon $4.5K sheets are here. Shipping began on 11/27.  All pre-orders, Domestic and Intl. have been shipped.  New orders are being shipped as they are received.Yes, the sheets are still available.

Update Note 2:  A downloadable version of the insert and an extra (courtesy of graphic designer extraordinaire 'Firehorse') have had links added below the sheet images below.
Links to two Nihon scenarios have been added below.

Update Note 3:  If you happened to be one of the individuals who purchased via Origins, you can download a PDF of the insert here.  You can also contact Adventure Retail direct at 804-278-9483 and they'll mail one to you.

 The Nihon Empire: Flag

Near the end of the Last War, the Nihon Empire severed diplomatic ties with the North American Combine, recognizing that collapse was inevitable.  Following the breakdown of the union less than two years later, in November of 2101, Nihon ‘Peacekeeping’ forces invaded the West Coasts of North and South America, creating a Western Defensive Zone , intent on taking advantage of the chaos to exploit the vast resources available, something the Nihon were desperately short of.
Following standard military doctrine of the time, the Nihon ‘Peacekeepers’ used captured and locally produced Combine hardware to supplement their own forces.  After the death of the Emperor, proper replacements stopped and Combine equipment became the norm.  By 2120, there were effectively no Nihon vehicles left in the Americas. 

About This Sheet
The counters on this sheet represent Nihon forces using Combine equipment. While it is primarily intended for the timeline following the invasion of North America, industrial espionage was common (see ‘About the OGRE’s’ below) and there were conflicts with Australia (who also used Combine equipment) so players could conceivably use them in any Nihon campaign.
It is designed to be a highly mobile, mechanized force so it includes a large number of GEV's and Marines, ideal for fast strike and amphibious operations. Heavy armor is not excluded so there is also a good defensive mix for when the allied North American city-states counter-attack.

About the OGREs
While the Nihon Empire had used Cyberships for some time, their first cybertank,  the Steel Oni, wasn’t fielded until 2074 in the Battle of Hong Kong . Though clearly based on stolen plans of the Combine Mk III-B it had numerous technological improvements.  Their later Steel Samurai also had similarities to the Mk V.
The OGRE’s on this sheet use standard Combine artwork and naming. Players can, however, choose to use them as Onis and Samurais using the stats from GURPS OGRE (Note that the secondary batteries have the same range as the Main Batteries) or as named due to them being captured, locally manufactured or rogues.  This latter can also justify the Mk I, II and III counters available.

Each order contains 2 packaged 9"x11" sheets as shown above w:
GEV 10
Light GEV 8

Superheavy Tank 4
Hvy Tank 6
Missile Tank 4
Light Tank 6

Howitzer 4
Mobile Howitzer 2

Infantry  8  (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Marines 8 (4-3/2, 4-2/1)
Hvy Weapon Inf- 2

Missile Crawler 2,
Crawler (w/o missile) 2
Missile 2

Ogre Mk III-B/Mk V on reverse 2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk III on Reverse -2
Ogre Mk I/ Mk II on Reverse-2
(note all Ogres are flat one hex counters)


The included insert along w/ printable record sheets is available here

A Higher Res version of the 'NAC NFOday' newspaper is available here.

Nihon Scenarios (offsite):   

Prelude to Invasion

*Note-these are lo-res images  Each " order includes two identical sheets (11"x9" with much higher resolution, packaged together) as shown above for the totals listed.

Sheets are $7 ea +s/h and will include the above informational brochure plus stats for the Oni and Samurai. US Domestic shipping will be by USPS First Class or Priority ($6.00 for 1-2 sheets, $8 for 3 or 4 sheets, $10.00 for 5+ sheets) To my international buyers, I  have gotten it set up for Canada, the UK, Australia and most of Europe (1st class shipping). For 1-2 sheets Canada $10, UK, Europe & Australia $15.  For 3-4 sheets Canada $13, UK, Europe & Australia $20.Please contact me for other international shipping costs, if your country does not come up w/ a shipping cost or if you prefer alternative payment methods at thirdpower (at) hotmail (dot) com ). All pre-ordered sheets as well as new orders are currently being shipped.

For Check/MO:
Roy Kubicek
PO Box 184
Ashmore, IL 61912

Ogre is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games and used by permission of Steve Jackson Games.

Reviews via KS update #160:
 Nihon Empire: North American Divisions: One sheet with support material, sponsored by Roy (Thirdpower) Kubicek. These became available on time and are still available; orders are shipping promptly. In other words, Roy was an example of what we naively thought all sponsors would be.   -Steve Jackson
 As others have said, Nihon came early on, was a lovely set,...

 Got my Nihon Empire sheets a good while back, happy with them.

 I received my Nihon Empire and BGG sheets promptly.


Anonymous said...

How many of these do you recommend to get? I just placed and order for one sheet, can I add a few more on without incuring more shipping costs?



Thirdpower said...


The avg. number of sheets purchased has been a hair over two. If you would like to add more, email me w/ your name and I can refund your original order so you can redo it.


Stilettoblade said...

How fast are these going? More specifically, will I still be able to get one or two at the end of this week if I wait for payday?


Thirdpower said...


They are going but not enough so there won't be plenty left by the end of the week. I will make sure to put out some sort of notice when it starts running low.

Anonymous said...


I was unable to email you at thirdpower@hotmail.com. Is that the correct email address?

Thirdpower said...

Yes, that is the correct email. You can also reach me at SJG's forum pages.

Ken Watanabe said...


Are there countersheets still available for preorder? I finally saw the notices on the SJG forums...


Thirdpower said...


Yes, the Nihon sheets are still available. :)

Mario Butter said...

Am I correct that these sheets are not currently in the Kickstarter package? If I want them, I need to order directly from you?

Thirdpower said...


Correct. All of the $4.5K level sponsored sheets need to be ordered or obtained through the individual sponsors. There are several threads on the SJ games forum as well as on Board Game Geek giving details on the others outside of my Nihon sheet.

Anonymous said...

Are these still available?

Thirdpower said...

Yes, they are still available. I will be sure to put up a notice when pre-order numbers start reaching the amount I'm expected to get.

Thomas Smith said...

I'm planning to be at the SJG rollout event though I'm pre ordered through you. Can I pick up/ pay for the expansion there?

Thirdpower said...

Yes. The sheets will be available special at the rollout event party.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have sheets available for order?

Bad Syntax said...

I picked up my ogre boxes and am anxious to play.

When will these sheets that we ordered here ship?

Thirdpower said...

Sheets are still available. They are supposed to be shipped to sponsors w/i the next few weeks. As soon as I get them, I will start shipping them as fast as I can.

The D.M. said...

Now that Ogre6e is shipping, when will you be shipping out these?

Thirdpower said...

They are supposed to be shipped to sponsors w/i the next few weeks. As soon as I get them, I will start shipping them as fast as I can.

Doug Pearson said...

Not trying to be obtuse, but to get both 9" x 11" sheets ( which equals the one 18" x 11" sheet), is this a total of $7 or $14 plus s&h?

I take it that to get the two, the total is $14. Is this correct?

Many Thanks,
Doug "Bowser" Pearson

Ian Argent said...

Good to hear that; I've got one set on order and a friend of mine does as well.

Thirdpower said...

Doug, Not a problem. The order is for an 11x18 sheet ($7) that includes two identical 11x9's as pictured above. The list of counters you get is for the 11x18.

Unknown said...

As I was looking through my receipts, I saw that I somehow used the wrong address when I purchased my set over a year ago. I sent you an email about this on the 5th. Could I ask you to look into this and reply to that email?

Thirdpower said...

I checked my inbox, deleted and spam folders but didn't see any messages. Please resend it w/ the pertinent Paypal info and I can get that updated. TY.

Dan said...

Had to order these from you, as these are the only appropriate forces to combat "BGG-Zilla." ;-)

Digiconda said...

Thirdpower folks:

I just purchased two counter sets of Nihon. I assumed they are still available with the order button being active.

- Vince

Mike Nagel said...

Just ordered a couple of sets as well. Looking forward to them!

Bad Syntax said...

When will these be shipped out?

Igor Bone said...

Hi, I wanted to ask about the possibility (and cost) of shipping this to Brazil.


Thirdpower said...


Shipping to Brazil has been added. $12 for 1-4 sheets, $15 for 5+.

LooseToys said...

Thanks for doing this, and hang in there with the shipping. Hopefully you've got your routine optimized as much as possible with mailers, label printing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I saw your post and am excited about the counters. My question is - are you doing notifications to people when you ship or is it the case where you are just getting them out as fast as you can and notifications aren't part of the process?

Thanks again for doing this!

Thirdpower said...

Loosetoys: TY. I've got a decent system set up. It's just long and tedious but worth every minute for the joy it brings to gamers worldwide. ;)

Anon: There should be email notices w/ the priority shipping. Intl. orders I'm planning on sending notices out.

Michael Botterill said...

So if ordered today when might it ship?

Thirdpower said...

Hopefully by Christmas. I'm working as fast as I can.

Ian Argent said...

I'll be happy whenever I get the sheets; thanks for bringing us these sheets

Michael Botterill said...

I ordered two, hopefully will have them early next year, thanks for giveing your sponsorship its amazing!

Now to order the other sponsored sheets!

Ian Argent said...

Spotting report - Nihon Empire units have been detected in New Jersey in company+ strength, possibly including one or more Ogres. Reinforcements req...

Rob said...

Mine arrived last night. Thank you!

Wolfgang said...

I assume they are still available since I can click the order button. Did so and await the sheets arriving at my door in Germany.
Thanks for your effort. Very appreciated.

Ian Argent said...

I just realized. These are the perfect counters to use to build a force to oppose the BGGZillas I have

Thirdpower said...

Yes they are. :)

Anonymous said...

Just received the Designers Ed as a Holiday gift, any change these sheets are still available?

Thirdpower said...

100% chance as a matter of fact.

Kent said...

Why just 2 instruction sheets with my order? :(

Thirdpower said...

1 insert is being included for every two orders (rounded up). A PDF of the insert is available as a free download above.

Kyle Roberts said...

Got the Nihon sheets today, they look great! Thanks for shipping so quickly. Fnord.

Mike Ittel said...

I have 2 questions.

1) Are your counter sheets still available?

2) Do I need to purchase 2 sets of sheets at $7 each to get all of the counters available or is it $7 for a set of 2 sheets?

Thirdpower said...

1) Yes.

2) The $7 is for two 9x11 sheets packaged together totaling the numbers of units listed.

 Ashley said...

Just to let you know I took the hint from your post on my blog and have done the deed.

PS: Like the picture of the Dragunov, is it yours?

Anonymous said...

Just received 2 sets in less than a week after ordering! Great service love the counters.

Pineapple said...

A little late to the game, but am I still able to purchase these?

Thirdpower said...

Certainly. Plenty left to add to your game.