Sunday, August 5, 2012

Youth and New Shooter Report

Sister and her family came for the 4thpower's Bday party and to take mom back home. This morning before they left, I took my nephew out for a little range time. He's been shooting here before so we worked on some technique. He likes shooting airsoft and has a fancy-schmancy 'sniper' rifle for it so he's got some pretty good basics. The niece was down last week so she didn't come out w/ us.
 RIA 1911a1

 Ruger 10/22 (note proper use of 1907 sling)
 NDM-86 (Dragunov)

 Later when my sister and BIL came back from the hotel they stayed at she convinced him to go down to the range w/ me.  He shot a gun sometime in the distant past at some carnival but they're 'not his thing'. He decided to give it a go though. Chose the AK.

First round.  'Oh Sh!t!!, Well now I know what I'm up against."  Once he understood the concept of recoil, he did pretty well, taking down cups at about 30m. Not bad for a newby standing.

Guns still aren't his thing but now he'll understand a bit more when he sees nonsense in the papers.

Unfortunately mom didn't want to come out for her annual training. Too hot by mid morning for her.

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