Thursday, January 9, 2014

OGRE 6E Nihon Scenario: Invasion of San Francisco

One scenario that was originally designed for OGRE miniatures but is perfect for the 6E Nihon faction is the 'Invasion of San Francisco' by Keith Johnson.

There was some discussion on the SJGames message board regarding printing out the map and the various options. One of the suggestions was Walgreens so I went to the local one and talked w/ one of the print guys.  He told me they do have options up to 36"x24" sized posters on a fairly heavy stock.  Since I didn't have the file w/ me, I went home and uploaded it to their site.  Using a coupon code, it cost about $25 and was ready a few hours later for pickup.

(For those who have already purchased the Nihon sheet, that is the 'Do Not Bend' stamp off to the left used on the envelopes ;) ) 

How do the pieces look on the map you ask?  They stand out very well:

My personal mini painter and spawnlings are still in the throes of learning how to play so once they get a few more "Kill the CP"'s and a couple of intro GEV scenarios under their belt, we're going to see how well the NAC forces do defending their city against the unstoppable Nihon Empire.

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Reverend Keith said...

Nice! It's good to see that someone else is getting some use out of a map I made over a decade ago. What I always enjoyed about that map is the sheer grind of fighting in urban hexes. Most OGRE maps showed a city as a small cluster of three hexes, but when an SF map was scaled to the width of hexes in OGRE, it ended up being a very different type of fight. This map is an infantry lovers friend. :)

HMS said...

just took it to walmart, all they had was 30 x 20, went ahead and ordered it, $38.

HMS said...

I just made a copy, thanks for your hard work!