Sunday, May 18, 2014

San Francisco Invaded.... those godless, yellow bastards.  IOW, I got to break out the customized San Fran map and play a round of OGRE DE using it. 

Pieces were obviously Combine and Nihon but what to use for the Frigate and Gunboats?  Classic Battleship to the rescue.
Some foam pieces from a mini case worked perfectly as bases.
Initial setup:
Nihon:  6 Marines, 8 Infantry, 4 GEV-PC, 4 LGEV, 3 GEV, 4 LtTanks, HvyTank, Mk V (Dogon), Frigate

Combine: 4 Marines, 16 Infantry, 5 GEV, 4 LGEV, 2 HvyTank, 4 Msl Tank, 2 Hwz, Mk III (yes, I know, the mini is a III-B), 2 Gunboats (mix of mini's and DE pieces)

Defense set up first.  Mk III defending south, Gunboats bay entrance, units spread throughout peninsula.  Nihon units set up mostly north w/ Mk V on Marin cnty w/ all tanks and 2 inf.  GEV's in 4 groups centered on Frigate.
Rnd 1: Attacker (Nihon) move first.
1 LGEV and both gun boat batteries destroyed.  2 OGRE msl's expended.
Defender (Combine) 1st move:
3 GEV's killed

Rnd 2: Nihon: 3 Marines, 2 LGEV, Hvy, Hwz, KIA/ LGEV, 2 GEV, Msl Tank Disabled Units pushing through bay entrance towards Oakland

Combine: LGEV, GEV-PC KIA  Moving southern units up to defend.

Rnd 3:
Nihon: 4 Infantry, GEV, LGEV, CP KIA  Units start reforming for sweep south through bay
Combine: 2 Frigate 2nd Batteries destroyed.  Mk III nearing Mk V, remaining GEV's moving to stop amphibious assault.

Rnd 4:
Nihon: 1 Infantry, Hvy Tank, 3 Msl Tanks, GEV KIA. GEV Disabled
Combine: Hvy Tnk disabled, Mk V MB, 2 SB destroyed
Rnd 5:
Nihon: 1 Marine, 3 Infantry, 1 Msl Tank, 3 GEV's KIA.

Combine:  Local commander surrenders unconditionally. Endgame looked like this:

This was both of our first experience w/ this board and his first w/ GEV rule terrain (he placed most of his GEV's in the middle of the city).  Biggest mistakes for Combine were piece-mealing his forces and having his gun boats in range of a first strike at game start.  He did attempt to take out the Golden Gate Bridge first round but missed.  While a good tactic it played little in the long run as the Lt Tanks didn't fire a shot but might be a good move for future games. 

The GEV heavy Nihon sheets were perfect for this scenario and functioned exactly as I envisioned it when designing the vehicle mix. Looking forward to gaming this again. Discussions were had on adding 'beaches' or 'ramps' along w/ a few other map modifications. 

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drjim said...

The only board game I ever played like this was one that a buddy of mine received as a bonus to his subscription to "Strategy & Tactics" magazine back in 1973 or 74.

It was called "Oil War", and played out in the late '80's.

Interesting, but I just wasn't into board games back then.

Old NFO said...

Is SFO... let em have it...

Anonymous said...

You are missing the Godzilla counter.