Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Of Famous Dice & Cyborg Zombie Tanks

One of my 'Early Bird' rewards from KS'ing Gamers 3: Hands of Fate was a die used in the film along w/ a CoA (my suggestion btw):

I really want to get it shadowboxed but this will do for now. As of this time, I've been unable to locate it but have been told to "Check the tournament tables". I call on my gamer geek readers to assist me in this.  Time stamps and/or screenshots would be appreciated.  
Close up of the die:

Also, the other day, I got in the mail an old copy of Analog magazine from Nov. 1969.

  The historical relevance of this issue is known to many an OGRE player or fans of the BOLO series of works by Keith Laumer. It has in it the story 'Gottlos' (translation: God Lost/Godless/Ungodly) by Colin Kapp about a 'warmech' w/ a dark secret.  I first heard about this story decades ago and finally got inspired to find a copy on Ebay. There were quite a few available and at decent prices. 

This week I will be going to one of the gamer mecca's, GenCon, w/ press creds. in hand.  I'm hoping to get some great photos, lots of autographs, and maybe even some interviews. 

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drjim said...

Have fun at the convention!