Saturday, August 16, 2014

#GenCon2014 Day 2: Autographs Galore

After posting yesterday's update, I headed down to the dealer's room to wander around, spend money and get as many autographs as I possibly could from famous game people.  I succeeded most pleasantly.

On the way down, Anna and Elsa from Frozen:

After much wandering around the independent booths, I came upon my first major stop, Palladium Books.  There I pulled out my ancient copy of Robotech RPG to several comments as to how well worn it is from years of play.  Kevin Siembieda was on hand to sign and talk Robotech for nearly a half hour.
 Various painted up Robotech Tactics minis and sprues

 Wave 2:
 The game pieces weren't for sale because according to KS, customs delayed them for 'inspection'.
We also discussed a lot of what went on regarding the kickstarter and the various reactions.

 A few supplements I didn't have.

 A custom set of 6mm scale Cyclones done by a fan.

 At the KenzerCo booth, I managed to get my KODT issue #200 signed by Jolly Blackburn, David Kenzer, and cover artist Larry Elmore Of Snarfquest fame and picked up a few comics I was missing.

The Zombie Orpheus booth got my copy of Dark Dungeons the Movie and several copies of the comic signed my JR Ralls (movie also by producer Ben Dobyns)


 I also got to meet Andy Dopieralski from Gamers 3: Hands of Fate

More wanderings brought me to the "Puppet Forge' where I met the wife of Gordon Smuder who ran the 'Yeti' at the Puppet Slam. They had Dork Tower puppets:

She informed me that John Kovalic would be at the SJ Games booth signing autographs.  After a quick bite to eat, I headed over there w/ plenty of time to spare.

 Nihon sheets for sale

Stacy Beckwith, Phil Reed and Kali Dugan

They get real excited about 'Exact Change'.

Then it was waiting in queue to get autographs.  There was a pause as he signed some prototype figurines but then I got a bookmark and my OGRE T-shirt signed by him:

 I also got a pick w/ Larry Corriea, author of the Monster Hunter,, series.  As guest of honor, apparently they forgot to put his books for sale in the book store.
And Didymus from Labyrinth

Lots of costumes ranging from junk to unbelievably good.  Not sure what the evening will bring.  Possibly a movie.

After a collapse nap, went to supper at the 'Ram'.  While the food took forever, we did watch the end of Star Wars and most of ESB which reminded me of a minis game I saw earlier in the day.

On the way back, we ran into Nathan Rice of Zombie Orpheus/Gamers/ etc. fame.

That made the whole delay worth it. Everything happens for a reason.

We met  Andy Dopieralski on the back up to the room for some videos and recovery.  He was getting ready to put in G3:HoF for the showing before he went to collapse himself. Tomorrow will be the last swing through the halls and then leaving. :(

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Chris said...

Good pic of you with Larry. Love his books, both Monster Hunter and the Grimnoir Chronicles

Old NFO said...

Looks like a day of scores! Very nice!!!