Friday, August 15, 2014

#GenCon 2014 Day 1A

I have arrived in Indianapolis. This is the view from my hotel room:

A quick shower and getting my badge from the press room, A quick trip to the floor before it closed.

 There I got to meet Jen Page of 'Gamers' fame and picked up her new film 'Project London'

Then over to the Zombie Orpheus booth where I met producer Ben Dobyns who produced the the Gamers films and Dark Dungeons.  JR Ralls was at the showing (which we mistimed) and so hopefully I'll meet him tomorrow and get some autographs. Then to the SJ Games booth so I could get the release of Knighmare Chess before they got sold out and chat w/ some SJG people.

 We then went to Munchkin Tavern for some (expensive) food before heading back to the room to decompress for a bit.  Tonight we have tickets for the 'Late Night Puppet Slam':
Gen Con’s 1st annual Late Night Puppet Slam! Join your host, Furry J. Ackermonster of Transylvania TV, for an hour of hilarious and sometimes slightly naughty skits from some of the hottest and funniest puppets around. This is an adult puppet show; not for kids!
This should be interesting.  Pics to follow in 1B.

#GenCon 2014 Day 1B

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