Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Geek Joy: Dark Dungeons the Movie Is Here w/ Review

A long time ago, on a Kickstarter far far away...

Not really that long though as far as KS's go, I funded an independent film bringing to life the classic anti-RPG 'Dark Dungeon' Chic comic. It arrived today, just in time to bring to GenCon Friday for automographs.

Will post a review after viewing.

Review:  A worthwhile 35 or so minutes.  I was wondering how they were going to make an 18 'page' micro comic into a 2 hr move.  I'm glad they didn't Hobbit it.  Lots of gamer references (including the Hobbit), KODT, gazebos, The Gamers movies (note the cult leaders), and numerous others.  Check out the name of the evil fraternity they go to for the RPG party for a real laugh. It's even funnier watching it w/ the subtitles on.

Spoiler Hint: Zeta Omega Epsilon 

They stick fairly close to the original story w/ all the famous lines.  The over the top acting is perfect for an over the top story and everything was much higher quality production than you would expect from an 'Indi' film w/ a budget of $25K.  The Cthulhu CGI were notoriously low budget however.  The CinC started out w/ "There's a lot of Christian bashing in this, isn't there?"  She lessened her initial planned hostility when I explained the original comic made references to Tolkien and Lewis being occult figures (which is mentioned in the movie) while in reality both were devout Christians. This is about Chick, not religion.

For an Indy flick, this gets 5/5 stars.  I'm glad to have funded it and it will get watched multiple times. Watch it w/ the subtitles on.  It adds to the entertainment.

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Thanks for the review! Let me know if you have any questions!