Sunday, August 17, 2014

#GenCon2014 Day 3: Last Sweep

Vegged out last night watching some videos w/ roommates and creating a new Dark Dungeon convert. I had to go and buy him a copy while he played in a Malifaux  Relic Knights tournament.

During my last sweep, I stopped by the 'Valyrian Steel' booth and tried on their prototype 'Unsullied' Helmet from GoT.

But I saw a 'It Must Be Mine'. A set of 'Dragonglass' dagger & arrow head reproductions from the 'Nights Watch' along w/ the Lord Commander's Order and a CoA signed by GRRM.

A few other odds and ends I picked up for fun.

An inflatable 20 sider from Crystal Caste.

A signed print of a 'Great Woolly Dragon" from Palladium FRPG.

And a T-shirt from my friends at Off World Designs.

A few goodbyes then it was the drive home to reality.  Uneventful outside of missing a turn and taking a slightly alternate route.

The convention itself is somewhat overwhelming.  There are dozens, if not hundreds, of events, both scheduled and impromtu, going on at all hours of the day. table-top, movies, conferences, sales, LARP, mini's, interactive, you name it.  I didn't do any of the competitions or tournaments but am thinking of doing some next year.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Heh that shirt makes me giggle!

Reminds me of my early days of D&D when scenarios like this sometimes played out.

DM: You enter a tavern filled with people drinking and enjoying themselves.

Player: I buy an ale and ask the barman what he knows about the abandoned keep on the hill.

DM: The tavern keeper says most people stay away from that old keep, but he gestures to a drunk at the end of the bar, and says he claims to have found a secret way inside the keep.

Player: I ask the drunk what he knows about the keep.

DM: The drunk says 'I may know a thing or two about it, young man, why don't you buy me a few drinks first.'

Player: So how much experience is this guy worth?


Greg F said...

Other fun stuff going on too, like Mike Williamson selling t-shirts. He said he's known the guy running the booth for 20-plus years and it keeps him from spending lots of money like Larry Correia did on minis. Larry was at the Baen roadshow showing off a huge bag of them. All of the author seminars I went to were awesome. Larry and Jim Butcher together were a hoot. Williamson's seminar on edged weapons was fascinating and Howard Tayler drew character's in every Schlock Mercenary book you bought. As a warmup he did a drawing of a lady working in the booth next door and gave it to her, lucky lady.
BTW, I was the guy that said hi by the escalator. I realized after we parted that I never introduced myself, my apologies.
Cheers, Greg.

Thirdpower said...

Greg. It was great to meet up w/ you there. Hopefully you'll continue to read my tripe as well as Larry's much better prose. :)