Monday, July 14, 2014

What The Brady Campaign Left Out

In their dance to exploit the execution of children in Texas:
Last week, the nation watched in horror as six children and two adults were shot to death execution style and another 15-year old was critically wounded in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.
The accused shooter was an enraged ex-husband and serial abuser who had been arrested for assaulting his wife and who TWICE had temporary restraining orders filed against him. Still, our federal laws failed to protect these innocent victims.
Commonsense solutions to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and other dangerous people are sitting on desks in Congress. This includes legislation to close dangerous loopholes in domestic violence laws and to expand Brady background checks to online and gun shows sales.
Horrific.  Terrible.  One detail they missed which I mentioned the other day:
Haskell had been jailed in 2008 on charges of assault and domestic violence in Logan, Utah. Those charges were dismissed as part of a plea deal,
So they want to expand and pass more laws when the current ones aren't being enforced?  Trust in the gov't and laws to protect people? Several court cases stating that the authorities have NO obligation to enforce RO's OOP's etc.

 'Commonsense' would be to NOT dismiss charges under plea bargains for violent people. 

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Anonymous said...

I live in Utah and have not, at least in the past 13 years, seen anyone brought before a judge of any serious crime make it to a jury. In Utah every case gets plea bargained down and the most serious charges get dismissed.

We had an idiot, driving under the influence cross the double yellows, crash into an oncoming vehicle and kill a mother and daughter. His sentence??? Probation.

Sigivald said...

They seem to think that "online" sales involve shipping a gun to someone in the mail, too.

Either it's via a dealer and there's a 4473 and NICS check, or it's not a dealer, and they exchange in person and the Internet is irrelevant.

The Internet doesn't make it different from a Nickel Ads spot.

(Also, do they claim he actually got his guns in a way that would stop?

Temporary ROs for domestic violence only prohibit someone while they're in effect - that's what "temporary" means.

Likewise "arrest" means nothing - due process means the mere fact of an arrest can't throw out civil rights.

The way they're dancing around the issue makes me think the could pass a NICS check, since they don't mention any convictions or a current restraining order.)