Monday, July 14, 2014

Archie Comics Goes Gun Control

Remember when the biggest problems in Riverdale were homework and which beach to go to?  Well apparently the writers at Archie Comics have decided to delve into the world of politics in order to generate some controversy and sales.  Unfortunately their 'solutions' are just as realistic as the rest of the comic and they took their cues straight from anti-gun talking points
 From 'Life w/ Archie #31':

Yep, the intentional confusion of semi-autos and full/select auto firearms w/ 'a real hunter only needs X'/I'm a gun owner butt... argument. They're not out to 'ban guns' except a huge selection of them. As seen a few pages later:
Whoops, 'common-sense'.  Straight from the playbook. Trying to redefine the debate. The next page:
No mention that those 'thousands of individual shootings' are HALF of what they were 20 years ago. but the real bit is in the center,right panel:
Yep, there it is.  'restrictions on automatic weapons and high-capacity clips' being defined as about 80% of the guns out there. 

Sorry Archie comics.  Stick to Archie making two dates at the same time and leave the politics to the grown ups.  What you did is guarantee my kids won't be reading any of your stuff. Sad really because I liked your comics as a kid.

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Tim said...

Honestly do kids still read those dated comic books?

dustydog said...

I'm sure the local elementary school just bought a few million dollars worth of this comic book, 'for the children'

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people behind this just love hunting. And hunters. /sarc

Anonymous said...

FYI The Co-CEO is a very strange person. She inherited the position when her hubby died.

NY Daily News story via AOSHQ:

Archer said...

Notice in that center-right panel, the guy starts to get that crazy, "gun-control-hysteria" look in his eyes.

I wonder if the artists hold the same views as the text writers. They artfully captured the [strike]wild-eyed psychosis[/strike] soul and spirit of hardcore gun-control supporters.

(Does Blogger's comment form no longer allow [strike] or [del] tags?)

Sigivald said...

Kids only ever read the Archie Digests you get at the supermarket checkout stand.

"Life With Archie"? With that weird modern style that doesn't fit Archie?

Never even heard of it, and I suspect nobody reads it, even by Archie standards.

(Probably that's why they're letting it go all Politics - and why they're killing off Archie in it.

End that branch of the franchise and pretend to be "doing good" while doing it.)