Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rahm-bo Grilled At Taste of Chicago

What happens when media don't pander to politicians and give them a free pass on their incompetence?

Actual journalism:

Rahm, wanting some nice, happy soundbites at the ToC to distract from the fact that Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq, gets asked tough questions.  Instead of answering, he scurries away while one of his lapdogs tries to censor/assault the interviewer.

Here's one I'ld like to ask "Hey Mayor, instead of wasting millions of dollars trying to keep people like Rhonda Ezell and the late Otis McDonald disarmed and helpless, why don't you invest that money in schools, after-school programs and police?"

Here's the weekend so far:

At least 2 dead, 18 wounded in city shootings 
 a possible drive-by shooting...refused to cooperate with police
 gave police a bogus address before they figured out he had also been shot on Quincy.
 opened fire from a passing light-colored four-door car
 what may have been a drive-by shooting

It rained last night:

1 killed, 4 wounded in separate city shootings 
 there were some gang overtones.
 a gray vehicle pulled up and someone shouted at the man, who started to run away when he heard shots

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