Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chicago Sun Times: Ban Gun Shops

Yep.  In their latest fishwrap, they call for the expansion of the unconstitutional measure of effectively banning all gun shops in Chicago to the rest of the state then that all the shops should be 'licensed by the state'.

They continue to show they have no clue what they're talking about:
The sale of guns in Illinois now must be reported, but changes in ownership when no money changes hands are not, a loophole that should be closed.
Making stuff up to ban guns.  These are the professional journalists Dick Durbin believe should be allowed to keep their 1st Amend.

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The Jack said...

Wow! Having the government license all gun shops!

It's amazing the level of moonbat ignorance that they can get away with.

Sigivald said...

Are criminal types now giving away guns to avoid breaking firearm sale reporting laws?

(And I mean, really giving them away - if they're selling them with a fig leaf or a dodge, that's just evasion and really a sale under the law, so they're ... breaking the law!

Criminals, breaking the law? No way.)