Monday, July 14, 2014

Gov. Quinn Trying To Distract From IL's Collapsing Economy

Time to pull out the old handbag of 'Assault Weapons Killing Our Children'.
Under that proposed act, holders of Firearms Owners Identification Cards who now own assault weapons would be able to keep them. But they wouldn't be allowed to transfer or sell them — except to a family member.
Quinn says war is "being waged on our streets." And he says it's a war fueled in part by the availability of military-style assault weapons.
Shut up you political hack. You and your ilk have overseen the collapse of Illinois' economy and so instead have to try and gear up support from your low information voters.

If you're an Illinois resident and NOT a member of the ISRA or NRA, sign up (below) and stick it to this jack@ss in November.

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