Friday, May 3, 2013

Reese Witherspoon: Laws are for Little People

When you're not being interviewed trying to salvage your career that is. 

A few weeks ago we talked about actress Reese Witherspoon being arrested for disorderly conduct just days after endorsing restrictions on firearm ownership, a recognized Constitutional Right

Here's the video of her arrest.  Note she goes on about her Constitutional Rights as an American Citizen.

 Now here's the video of her trying to play the 'good girl' game during an interview.  She admits to lying to the police officer and claims she 'panicked'.  Compare that statement to the arrest video, she sure didn't sound 'panicky' to me.  She sounded like a slightly inebriated Hollywood elitist thinking she could intimidate a cop from the podunks.

Sorry Reese. Not buyin' it.

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1 comment:

TS said...

I actually side with drunk Reese on this one. I think cops have way too much authority to arrest people who disrespect them with charges like “disorderly conduct”. She wouldn’t get arrested for being rude to me, or being drunk around me, or lying to me about being pregnant, so I don’t think cops should get to arrest people just for being an a-hole to them.