Monday, April 29, 2013

Ladd Everitt Interview on

He sits down in an interview and manages to act all calm, collected and reasonable

However those who have had any dealings w/ him outside of his 'game face' know him to be a foaming-at-the-mouth fanatic who will do anything to push his agenda.

Here was my response:
As one who the CSGV has denounced as an 'insurrectionist' to a US Senate Committee, I can say w/ authority that Ladd Everitt is nowhere near as reasonable as he tries to portray himself in this interview. He has over the course of his advocacy declared the 2A to be 'nonsense', attempted to silence pro-gun activists through intimidation, harassment and censorship, stated that ANY use of 'armed violence' was 'wrong' and also endorsed the rounding up of citizens based off or religion or ethnicity if it was court approved. His organization has supported every gun ban and restriction on the book. This includes the DC and Chicago gun bans/restrictions which prevented owning a firearm for sport or self-defense. While he puts out his weasel words, his actions prove differently.
Can it really get any clearer than that? 

I do love this quote though.
I’ve been working on this issue now for 13 years.  I have never seen more energy in the grassroots of the gun violence prevention movement.
Which explains why hugely promoted anti-gun protests are attended by only a few dozen individuals at most.

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