Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paris Gun Show AAR

Sat. morning was a good steady flow of people.  Guns weren't flying off the tables but they were moving along w/ magazines. For some reason .22lr AR's were very popular. Ammo prices were still high but not as high as they have been and there actually was ammo, not a lot but some, at the show including .223 and .22lr.

Lots of dissatisfaction w/ the administration (both federal and state) and their attempts to ban guns.  Common comments were along the lines of "They were looking at us while the real terrorists were planning, training, and collecting welfare." Saw numerous people wearing the NRA 'Protect Your Rights" T-shirt made famous by the 8th grader suspended for wearing one. Another incident of anti-gunner's fanaticism and mental issues benefiting firearm rights and putting money in the NRA's pocket, just like the 'CCW Hoodie' flap.

My bit of schadenfreude comes from signing up 4 new/renewed NRA members in the wake of the fudd I posted about the other day 'holstering her guns' along w/ putting numerous 'high capacity magazines' and insurrectionist Gadsden flags out on the streets. All thanks to Obama and his minions.

Overall  I came home w/ less stuff than I went w/ so 'success'. No new goodies although I am seriously thinking about trading the AR for a Mini-14 that showed up.

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