Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Creating Criminals in CT

Apparently the new anti-gun bill signed into law in knee-jerk reaction to Sandy-Hook is so vague and undefined in multiple areas even the legislators who passed it have no clue just how to enforce it or what it actually is supposed to do:
S-B 1160, also know as the gun violence prevention and children's safety act, was signed into law on April 14. Since then both law makers and gun owners have raised many questions about how to follow the law.
 But the 'did something' so they're all patting themselves on the back.

So how many firearm owners are going to get caught up in this and be made into criminals all because of subjective definitions and enforcement?  Which of course is the real intent of gun control.

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Patrick Henry, the 2nd said...

That's the point. They want to make it harder to own a gun. They want to ensnare innocent gun owners. They want to increase confusion. They don't want to stop illegal guns, they want to stop legal guns.

Skinnedknuckles said...

We've been told we needn't worry - they will answer all our questions by June 1 (or not). This law has so many ways to snare the innocent. One simple example is the magazine law. We can keep our "high capacity magazines" (registration comes by Jan 1), we can load them with 17 rounds in our home or at the "approved" range, we can load them 10 rounds and carry them in our carry gun - but NOT in a mag holster. If we transport them other than in our carry gun we have to treat them the same as an "assault weapon" (empty and locked in the trunk). The first guy stopped for a traffic violation when the officer feels "unsafe" and disarms him and finds a standard mag in his range bag sitting on the back seat faces a misdemeanor charge, two mags and it's a felony. Welcome to the Constitution State.