Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chicago: Doing It Right

You can tell the weather's getting nicer in the gun control capitol of the US.
Violent night: 3 dead, at least 16 wounded in shootings across city
So the obvious solution by the Joyce funded anti-gun activists?  Make guns illegaller.
The violence needs to stop! Have you called your legislator and told them that we need common sense measures that will save lives?
Now they don't actually say what 'common sense measures' will save the lives.  Only that someone needs to 'take action'. 

Now let's look at just the snippet details of the shootings:
a gang-related shooting
 a known gang member
 The shooting was believed to be gang-related.
 a known gang member

Hmm, might there be some sort of correlation?  How many of the shooters do you think had FOID cards or had registered their guns through the city?  Not like any of that matters to the anti-gun fanatics.  They just want 'Action'. And according to them, all this violence is our fault.  Duh.

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1 comment: said...

Gang crime is useful tool to the limousine liberal. Why would they have any interest in curbing the violence?