Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beautiful Weather in Chicago

11 shot, 3 fatally, in city overnight

At least 7 wounded in shootings across Chicago 

And the weekend's just started. Chicago politicians think allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves will make things worse.  

That's anti-gun logic for you.

h/t to IL Gunlobby

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

I looked up the location on Google Earth of the shooting on North Mayfield. TOUGH neighborhood. Before we knew much about Chicago, the wife and I went to a business very near there to purchase soap making supplies. The houses had chainlink fences and pit bulls. The business was locked, but had an intercom by the door. The lady on the intercom told us get back in our car and leave immediately, and to not turn down any sidestreets. We had to call in our order, and pick it up the next day at their loading dock.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Back in January one of the MSM news hacks was gushing about the murder rate finally dropping in Chicago. She was too damn stupid to figure out it was just the sucky weather.

Old NFO said...

I refuse to visit that plagued city... and won't until I can legally walk down the loop armed...