Friday, May 17, 2013

Faster FOID's in IL?

Or just a way to pass the buck and find an excuse to blame others for the 3-6 month delay in processing and 70K backlog?
The company, called Rely, was hired last year by the state to transfer applicant information from FOID records into computers.
The firm, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, has been notified by state police officials that they weren't doing the job.
This contract with Rely has been terminated early.
A new deal was struck with a firm called Boland Enterprises - an emergency service purchase under a 90 day contract for the keying and scanning of firearm owners identification card applications to meet the continued need for the Illinois State Police to meet its statutory mandate.
They better get things together quick since CCW applications are going to be flooding their offices soon.

H/T to GSL

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Anonymous said...

It only took my Mom 98 days to get hers!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Rely's sugar daddy didn't get re-elected?

Djach said...

My bro-in-law turned in a FOID application on March 30th, through Illinois Gun Works in Elmwood Park. He received his card this past Thursday, May 16th. The lady who took his application said the wait would be about 14 weeks. Not bad...

Don said...

Don't worry, they're on it. $2.7 million for Levi, Ray and Shoup in Springfield to upgrade the ISP's computer system for CCW, also on an emergency, no-bid basis.

Anonymous said...

Took me seven months and a fingerprinting to get mine.