Sunday, May 19, 2013

PSH Alert: 'Two Bits = $23K?

Company makes a 'smart rifle' that helps even your avg. shooter more accurate using lots of expensive electronics and doo-dads

Starting cost?  $22,500. 

Anti-gun fanatics go into absolute hysterics over it.
this product gives shooters a better accuracy than, on average, most cops," Fineman said.
  this is a weapon designed to kill with precision."--David Chipman, a spokesman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns
 "This technology potentially enables any two bit criminal to operate with the skills of a highly trained sniper," Chipman said
 "This is an industry hell bent on making weapons more lethal and taking no measures to extend safety," Horwitz said.
Yep, because just like they said when Barrett came out w/ .50 cal rifles, every 'two bit criminal' is going to go and drop tens of thousands of dollars on a large rifle. 

Yeah, that makes sense.

These people have no concept of reality.  They will crap their pants over ANY improvement or modification of a firearm and claim that it's designed for 'criminals'.  This is a rifle designed for rich folks w/ extra cash and no desire to go the traditional route for accuracy. Joe Gangbanger isn't going to be anywhere near one of these. But that won't stop the anti's from having to change their shorts.

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Robert Fowler said...

"this product gives shooters a better accuracy than, on average, most cops," Fineman said"

Most cops, not being "gun guys" aren't that great a shot. Shooting once or twice a year doesn't tend to make good marksmen.

Old NFO said...

LOL, yep these will just 'flood' the market, and be available on the street corners next week!!! NOT!!!

Alan said...

I bet we see one featured in a movie or TV show soon. In the hands of a criminal of course.

Nathan Tramp said...

I love to see the antis take pot-shots at advancing technology. It's hilarious. What are they going to do to genuinely stop it? Sure, they can criminalize people over it, but how does anyone stop tech from becoming better (more precise in this case) over time? They might as well swing their arms at the moon.

Anonymous said...

We obviously need to ban crossbows, they allow any two bit peasant the ability to just pick it up and kill an armored knight who's trained his whole life!

le plus ca change...

Roger said...

The average cop's marksmanship skills are abysmal or worse. Therefore the average 11 year old with a well practiced BB gun will outshoot them.
(Exceptions to SOME well trained and skilled cops, like my friends that compete against me in rifle competition.)