Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reality vs What PuSH'ers Wish Was Reality

My job is a mite stressful.  'Mite' as in when I come home I regularly sequester myself alone in my den for an hour or so to unwind.*

And as much of an insurrectionist, sociopathic, low information, knuckle-dragging, gun nut the PuSH'ers wish I were, I have never once even considered going 'Postal' or committing any form of violence using my firearms or anything else.


Because like the majority of firearm owners and citizens in general, I'm a pretty stable and well adjusted individual.  I have plenty of ways that I deal w/ stress.  Reading a book, watching TV, taking a nap, playing w/ the 4th and 5th powers, petting the cats/dogs... and yes, target shooting.

Again, unlike what Ladd Everitt wishes I was doing, they're not targets of Obama or anyone else I don't particularly care for.  Usually they're these circle shaped thingy's w/ X's in the middle or old cans.  Sometimes a discarded appliance with a scary 'high capacity magazine' if I'm feeling particularly on edge. 

and no, never once have any of those items ever mentally morphed into one of my co-workers or anyone else. 

Amazing isn't it? 

So maybe, just maybe, those individuals who call for 'psych evals' before being 'allowed' to own a firearm should check their own mental makeup before challenging others'. I'm betting they probably won't be all that surprised as to what gets determined

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*Note that while it is insanely stressful, I am very thankful for said job and the rewards of dealing w/ said stress are well worth it.

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