Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reasoned Discourse Part (insert big number here)

You really have to love people who think they're better than others. Just take this 'I'm a gun owner butt...' FB page:
 Be respectful. Do not comment on this page unless you support reasonable gun control.
And of course 'reasonable' is whatever he says it is, specifically registration and mag bans.  Otherwise:
If you can't do that, then you are (by my definition) unreasonable. It is my page, not a open public forum for angry white boys.
And any opposition will get you banned and deleted, just like any other anti-gun page.  They will leave up/highlight the 'troll' posts though to try and smear all pro-rights advocates.  Again. SOP. 

Guess what skippy?  When you open up a PUBLIC FACE BOOK page, it, by definition, is an OPEN PUBLIC FORUM.  Otherwise make it a closed group so you can have your echo chamber. And nice little bit of playing the race card.

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PT said...

That page is mostly a bunch of people who are calling the page author an idiot. Lol.

Thirdpower said...

He deletes them as fast as he can.

Sigivald said...

When you open up a PUBLIC FACE BOOK page, it, by definition, is an OPEN PUBLIC FORUM.

That is not actually true.

It's a public display, not an open forum, if the owner/creator wants it to be.

The idea that anything people can see is a forum is an interesting ideal, but doesn't follow from it being publicly visible.

Making things echo-chambers makes the more inquisitive observer look askance at them - or at least take the lockstep agreement with a grain of salt - but it is not in actually contradictory with it being "public".

J said...

I am wondering what's up with the "angry white boys" comment. I left them a little bait and, if they bite, I think a little Colion Noir will be in order.

Unknown said...

Technically, Glock could claim infringement for using it in his cover pic, which has more text than facebook allows.

Firehand said...

Yeah, guy I know online had a link to their "If you don't kill anyone, then a defensive gun use really isn't; and since so few bad guys are shot, that proves guns really aren't good for self-defense" crappost. I noted that more than 90% of DGUs don't involve a shot fired, and their 'fact' was bullshit. Next time I looked, I'd already been blocked. And I'm sure the comment was deleted.

They REALLY don't like having the echo chamber disturbed.

A Critic said...

I said "Who will license the gun licensers?" and was promptly banned.