Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Chicago Slapdown

In Illinois, there are two to nail people w/o FOID cards, Unlawful use of Weapon (UUW), a misdemeanor, and Agrravated Unlawful Use of Weapon (AgUUW), a Felony. 

The problem?  Both have the EXACT same provisions for conviction. So IOW, you can arbitrarily be charged w/ either one depending on the whim of the prosecutor and judge. 

That has just been made a lot more difficult for the gun grabbers in Chicago.  People v Donta Mosley just was decided (I don't know the details) but it declared AgUUW unconstitutional due to disproportionate penalties. It also put a major spike in Chicago's plans to increase prison time for delayed FOIDs.

If any readers could find the electronic version (I'm told the full ruling is squee-inducing) you'll get one of the NEW supr-sekret DOOT wear patches that are on their way.

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Taurus7272 said...

Here is where you should find the case: Search does not find that case number (number should be six digits, no dash). Sorry.

Cormac said...

Funny how there's ZERO news coverage of it...

I'm sure every reporter in Chicago is just busy writing amazing, and in-depth articles right.this.second...yeah, that's gotta be it.
No way would they just ignore this story (being ACTUAL NEWS and all) because they're too busy sobbing into their coffee and wetting themselves.

Archer said...

Here, posted on Ill. Carry (PDF warning):

Archer said...

Or, could try to hyperlink that (again, PDF warning).