Friday, March 29, 2013


While anti-gun fanatics try and blame guns for crime, Miguel highlights one of the REAL reasons.  Long story short, goblin gets ventilated trying to steal some property.  Sister of goblin says he wasn't a 'bad guy'. 
“He’s a good guy, you know,” said Lynn Eason, Holdman’s sister. “He never really hurt nobody or went out of his way to be mean or nasty to anybody. Maybe he did get caught in the wrong situation, but I think it could have been handled differently, better than that.”
“He wasn’t armed. I mean, lawn equipment?” said Melissa Jones, a friend of Holdman. “It doesn’t make no sense to kill somebody for a weedwacker that cost $110. C’mon. That’s somebody life.”
Her definitions of 'good guy' and 'hurt' seem to be a bit skewed. This wasn't just a one-shot event of some guy stealing to feed his family.  Take a look at skippy's record:

F-10-024001 08/17/2010 09/07/2010 TAMPER/PHYS EVIDENCE
M-12-000199 01/03/2012 02/06/2012 TRESPASS/PROPERTY
F-11-030753 11/29/2011 01/03/2012 GRAND THEFT 3RD DEG
B-11-002965 01/22/2011 01/22/2011 LOITERING OR PROWL
M-10-036040 07/20/2010 07/20/2010 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-09-038723 12/01/2009 12/21/2009 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-07-012438 04/10/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/DWELL
F-07-017737 05/24/2007 06/21/2007 UNEMPLOY COMP FRAUD
F-07-008193 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC
F-07-008192 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-00-019592 06/21/2000 10/10/2000 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
F-99-007259 03/01/1999 04/07/1999 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
M-99-003665 01/20/1999 04/09/1999 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-98-042799 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATT/SPORTS OFFICIAL
F-98-042788 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATTERY/AGG/ATT
M-09-036581 06/20/2009 07/27/2009 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-09-020433 06/20/2009 07/20/2009 BURGLARY/UNOCC CONVY
M-06-019937 04/17/2006 04/17/2006 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-02-018589 06/26/2002 03/25/2003 ROBB/SUDDEN SNATCH
F-03-011385 04/24/2003 05/14/2003 BATTERY/FELONY
M-03-023199 05/14/2003 10/14/2003 BATTERY
F-05-012399 04/19/2005 05/18/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-05-012399-A 04/19/2005 08/05/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-12-008238 04/04/2012 05/03/2012 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC

So we have multiple battery charges, resisting officers w/ violence (missed the O), 'strongarm' robbery.  Yeah, real sweetheart this one.

And you can see the problem.  One can guess that his actions have been defended and apologized for his entire life. Why shouldn't he continue if he's got the support of his family and friends?  But anti-gun fanatics will NEVER point to that, instead they'll blame the home-owner for defending himself. As the CSGV has stated: "'Using armed violence in any context is flat out wrong..."

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Anonymous said...

"So we have multiple battery charges, resisting officers w/ violence, 'strongarm' robbery. Yeah, real sweetheart this one."

Minor correction: from the list, shouldn't that be "resisting officers w/o violence"?

Robert Fowler said...

A perfect example of the "Texas defense", He needed killin'.

Anonymous said...

The thief should have asked the same question. Is this weedeater worth my life. If the answer is yes then give it a try.

skidmark said...

If you fear imminent death or serious bodily harm from someone climbing up on your roof and trying to break into your trailer, do not wait till they have climbed down and started off with your weedwhacker before shooting them. And do not say you shot him because he stole your stuff.

Avoiding (as opposedbto ignoring) the morals of the situation, the law is pretty clear on the difference between self defense and stopping somebody as they walk away with your garden tools. But that's not going to stop folks on either side from beating their chests and proclaiming their side is the correct one.

Bottom line as I see it is this precious little snowflake was going go get shot some day. It's just too bad someone did it for the wrong reason.

stay safe.