Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gun Ownership is Declining

Last year, the state received 338,614 applications, the highest yearly total, according to state police data going back to 2006. The total for the first three months of 2013 is nearing 188,000, or more than half the applications received for all of 2012.
So what was that again?

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Pyrotek85 said...

It's just the same few gun nuts getting extra ID cards.

(trust me one of them is going to say that)

Anonymous said...

We're also going to have to watch the renewal applications. I believe 2013 is the first year of no longer having any 5 year foid annual renewals. I had to renew the last quarter of 2012 and I believe I just missed the 10 year change from the state legislation by a few months when they went from 5 to the 10 year card.

chris said...

I sent my RENEWAL application in on 16 JAN, and hadn't heard anything. So I called the ISP. The lady on the phone said that they had just received it on 14 MAR! I asked when I could expect it and she said AT LEAST 60 days from 14 MAR. When I questioned that 14 MAR date she said "that's when we received it." SO what they are really doing is sitting on them for 60 days then they are processing them. Your actual wait time is more like 120 days!