Monday, March 25, 2013

Feeling Better About Themselves is the Point

This started out as a comment on Miguel's but got long enough I decided to post it.

He says:
It is really sad that even in the heart of Chicago, Gun Control Central, Anti Gun activists are unable to gather more than a couple of handful (I count under 20) volunteers for a flash mob.
 See, now the point of these isn't to really 'do' anything but to make the attendees 'feel' better about themselves for 'doing something'.  That's clearly shown by 'Mark' who works for the ICHV:
"as someone who was there the most amazing part was the impact the action had on the people there hence why those pictures went up first! Thanks for liking our page"
Note he doesn't say anything about passerby's or people stopping to watch.  It was all about the 'people there'.  They feel better about themselves so now can go home and sleep peacefully even though nothing has changed.  Chicago gangbangers will still be shooting eachother (and eachother's children) and the thousands of ISRA members will still be contacting their reps. to stop the stupid crap in the legislature.

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A SImple Man said...

they are all severely narcissistic.

Anonymous said...

The look pretty lily white too.

Old NFO said...

+1 on ASM. And there is no connection with reality for that bunch!