Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicago-crats Trying To Slip One By

While everyone has been focused on the big CCW and AWB bills in Illinois, the unpolished turds from Chicago tried to slip one by.  While not onerous on the surface, increasing penalties for weapons violations, the wording is the key.  HB2265 is designed to trap not criminals, but legal firearm owners w/ viscous penalties should they make ANY mistake w/ their licenses. 

FOID delayed?  Don't get your CCW renewal returned to you in time?  You could face 3 yrs for it. 

So yeah, they'll try anything to screw firearm owners over.  So much for 'common-sense' and 'reasonable'. 

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1 comment:

JD Rush said...

How do the sick power games the Dems are playing jibe with the spanking they took in Cook County court. FOID just got pwned on a 5A violation.