Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How The 'Conversation' Will Go

We've seen plenty of prime examples of the 'reasoned discourse' anti-gunners have spewed over the last few days. Generally they go like this:


This one is no different. A perfect example of the psychosis:
THESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING YOU OVER. They are lying to you and trying to kill you and they are getting rich while doing it.

 What rationality there is buried in the article is totally overwhelmed by the hate, ignorance and blame that spews from every line. It really shows WHY the various CEO's act like 'shadows'. If they were more public, they would be the focus of all the violent, hate-filled projection that fills anti-gun activists like Drew Magary and Ladd Everitt, the ones that know what they would do w/ a gun if they had one.

So this is how the 'conversation' will go. They will insult us five ways to Sunday, demand we 'compromise' by supporting laws and restrictions that would not have changed a single thing, then insult us more when we tell them where they can stuff it.

We can pretty much ignore the 'activists' but need to double down on telling our legislators just what the word 'election' means should they choose to jump on the knee-jerk bandwagon. *

Update:  Unsurprisingly, DailyKos joins the hate fest and the 'discussion' makes my point. 

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*And just for the Ladd Everitt's out there, 'election' means exactly that. Election. Unlike your supporters, I'm not calling for anyone's execution.

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