Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Presents

The other day I was helping w/ a gift party for underprivileged youth. One of my particular favorites opened up a package and his eyes lit up and he started exclaiming  "SOCKS!!! Thank you!!! I needed socks!!!". He was almost in tears when he opened up a new pair of shoes. The other kids were just as excited.  Shoes, coats, underwear, etc.   Even if it wasn't perfectly the right size, it was something clean, new and wearable.Made every minute I put into helping worth it.

Now compare that to a youth I encountered last weekend at the show. He asked his parents if they would buy him one of the army toy sets I sell. They said no but he hammed it up so much w/ the puppy dog eyes and pouty lip I couldn't help but laugh.  They started walking away and I went up to the dad and handed him one of the small sets and told him the act was worth it and to wish the boy a merry xmas from me.  The dad handed him the toy and the 'pouty face' turned pissed off as he whined "But I wanted the one w/ the TANK in it.".  I honestly wanted to slap him.

Some kids are worth every minute you can put into them.  Some need their priorities adjusted.

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