Monday, December 17, 2012

BANZAI!!!! and More

My friend painting up my minis has finally finished.

First up. An OGRE Mk III-B in Nihon Colors:

A Re-enforced Australian Coastal Battery

 Supporting Light Tanks

Technicals w/ mounted heavy weapons


And a blasted howitzer:

Switching genre's:  The grateful dead:

W/ Roadies and fans:

Unorganized Militia Gear Unorganized Militia Gear
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Unorganized Militia Gear


drjim said...

Do you build and paint these guys up yourself?

Thirdpower said...

No. Mostly done by a friend of mine (follow the links for his blog) who is exponentially better at painting than I am.

Old NFO said...

Nicely done! :-)

drjim said...

They're beautifully done.

Years ago, in another life it seems now, I used to build "Super Detailed" model aircraft for static display. I'd organize whatever weapons load my "customer" wanted on their aircraft, along with the correct decals for the unit they wanted.

I even went so far as to make the seat belts and harnesses from thin strips of masking tape painted the correct FS number, and use photo-etched buckles. And I'd put a drop of clear acrylic over the "instruments" in the panel to give them a more realistic look.

Gad....I spent hundreds of hours doing that stuff!