Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fudd Task Force

Unsurprisingly a Fudd has been chosen to head up the Democrats 'violence task force'.  The agenda is already in place.  Ban as many guns as possible.
 "There is absolutely no reason why people should have access to military-type assault weapons or assault magazines. They serve no sporting purpose, they aid criminals and they open the door to mass shootings like the one we're mourning in Newtown," Thompson said Monday
So there's not going to be any talk about mental health or improving security. It will exclusively be to try and get their pet gun laws in action even though every single one was in place in CT. They won't stop w/ semi-auto's either. Anyone who believes that is deliberately ignorant.

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Sigivald said...

"Sporting purpose" thus does not include target shooting, varminting, or other light game, I guess.

(Let alone "action shooting" events, of course.)


Chas said...

We're just cash cows to be milked for tax dollars, as far as the Commiecrat Party is concerned, and cash cows don't need any rights.
We're good enough to pay taxes to buy the government its M-4's, but we're not good enough to own one. I really object to their line of thinking. I really do.
With Democrats in power, I want a fully automatic weapon, whether they like it or not, and especially if they don't. Congress needs to take that stinking '86 machine gun ban and shove it back up its congresshole where it came from. I want my rights back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Power has anyone ever done a ballpark guess an how many magazines are out there in the general population that can hold more than ten rounds?
I mean for everything. Ar's, Ak's, Fal's, HK's etc .

Then theres handguns........

Whats larger, that number or the national debt?

drjim said...

Has anybody figured out what an "Assault Magazine" is yet?

Is it like "That thing that goes up to the shoulder"?