Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Holds Pro-Rights Activism Back?

You know that person that does absolutely nothing to actively help out a cause but is one of the first ones in line to bitch about how things 'should' be done?

I'm guessing these are two of them:

So we're not talking work or family conflict but a f*cking football game that they could record. That's how much their firearm rights 'really' mean to them.  This is how much effort they put into trying to get CCW for Illinois.  To spend enough time online to bitch about 'when' the meeting was scheduled and to show their priorities.

I fully expect when the next big push in the legislator comes about, these will be two of the loudest voices griping about how the ISRA isn't doing enough or is giving them enough information. I'll be the first to slap this right back in their faces.

We are our own worst enemies.

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drjim said...

I see a reference to Morris, which I'm going to SWAG is Morris, IL.
My Mom was from there!

Weer'd Beard said...

Thankfully the other side is almost exclusively made of turds like this.

They can re-tweet, they can "like" a facebook post...but anything else is a bit too hard.

Ron said...

I think we live dangerously as long as we ASSUME they (anti gunners) have no clout. They are making their voices heard, and they vote. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I see too many pro gun folks puff up and take an attitude of " there are too many of us to disarm". Yeah right. Big Brother may not knock on your door to collect those guns, but a softer, more subtle approach will do the job just fine. The possibilities are endless with a crafty administration.

Just my take, YMMV.

Dannytheman said...

Here I am working NRA phone banks on the evening sand donating all day Sunday to work a table at a gun show and miss my Eagles game.(I will DVR it) We sent a request for help at phone bank to 32 people, 3 showed up. 4 canceled night of.
We will win when we commit to winning. We would have already shut down these anti gun a$$holes if we could give 1 hour a month.