Monday, September 10, 2012

Why are MAIG Mayors So Corrupt?

Another MAIG mayor, this time the one for Trenton, NJ, has been arrested for corruption.

I've completely lost track of how many of these supposed 'anti-crime', 'common-sense' mayors have been arrested and convicted of crimes ranging from assault to corruption.  I do know the rate is MUCH higher than for legal firearm owners and CCW holders nationwide.

How dare they try to impose their inane, nonsensical laws on us while at the same time violating the very laws they have sworn to uphold.

UPDATE:  They've scrubbed their members page of his name although he is a signer of their USA Today ad and listed as a member here.   

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Sailorcurt said...

But that's exactly the point...It's exactly BECAUSE they're corrupt and criminal that they try to enact gun control.

First because they project their own corruption and criminality onto the rest of humanity ("I'm a good person at heart and I'm corrupt, so it stands to reason that we can't really trust ANYONE").

And secondly for the same reason that a firm majority of prison inmates favor gun control: helps to ensure a safe working environment for the corrupt and the criminal.

Firehand said...

Considering the numbers, we could say Bloomberg is in charge of a criminal enterprise!

Or a disorganized crime family