Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are You Friends With John Boch?

That was the question asked by attendees of the a recent 'Gun Buyback' in Champaign/Urbana. By the intensity of the questioning, one would think that the police were looking for a dangerous terrorist, murderer or gun smuggler. Each attendee was asked whether they knew this person and then specific details about the firearms they were attempting to turn in at this 'no questions asked' event.

So what crime did this person commit that the police were so interested in him?

He organized people to turn in guns at gun buy backs.  It's just wasn't the right 'kind' of people who were turning them in and they don't like what happens w/ the money.  In the words of a CPD mouthpiece, actually getting unsafe guns off the street "is abusing a program intended to increase the safety of our communities”.

John Boch is the president of Gunssavelife/Champaign County Rifle Assoc.  While he and other firearm rights activists have been doing this for some time, it became famous a few months ago when they netted over $6k by turning in junk guns to a Chicago gun buyback and using the money to teach kids safe firearm handling.

What a dastardly use of the money right? Much better it be used to buy drugs or junk food.

This immoral use of money got the PuSH'ers knickers in such a twist that police and organizers refused to accept turn ins from anyone they even suspected of belonging to a 'gun organization', even breaking down in tears when they attempted to steal firearms from attendees w/ the excuse that they were only giving out two cards maximum AFTER taking 3+ guns from people. 
with tears in his eyes” passed the third card over, asking “What are you doing here?”
Ironically, GSL had nothing to do w/ this event but it clearly shows that these kind of circuses are nothing more that 'feel good' events designed so cities can say they're 'doing something about gun violence".

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