Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Parody Parrots Reality

I saw this video via 2nd City Cop earlier.

'Cute', I thought, nice bit of exaggeration. Then I read this article

“When white people do it, it is not a problem,” she told the Tribune. “But if it’s for kids of color, then it’s a problem? Break it down for me. That’s your white privilege, and your whiteness.”
Cowie said the district did not have a problem with the principal’s statements.
So does the school system provide clubs strictly for white students?
“I’m not aware of that in Portland,” he said.
The levels of brainwashed idiocy present in these so called 'educators' is astounding to one even as jaded as me. 

We are truly doomed as a species.  I welcome the zombie apocalypse. It can only be an improvement.

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