Wednesday, September 12, 2012

591 Firearm Dealers Were Idiots

They answered a loaded 'survey' sent out by a long time anti-gun, Joyce funded 'researcher', Garen Wintemute.

 The results, being pre-determined, were exactly what was expected. Guns'r bad m'kay?

So when the 591 morons that responded start seeing pushes for laws that are detrimental to their businesses based off of their answers to this survey, they'ld better not come crying to us because they did it to themselves.

Update:  A copy of the study is available here. As was noted, well over 90% of respondents (of which it took 3 mailings to get their 'similar' number) stated that Firearm ownership was critical.  Most also engage in the business because they are firearm enthusiasts and shooters themselves. They also have a strong concern they they'll be run out of business due to to many firearm laws.  Laws which this study will be used as support for.

I agree w/ Sebastian TBFKASIH.  This was reaching for straws for Wintemute.  Take a look at the several pages bitching about the NSSF/NRA and his attempts to still claim victory.

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1 comment:

JD Rush said...

I love when antis whine they can't get welfare to pay for their pet studies. If it is so damned important, fund it yourself out of your own pocket.