Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inversion of Rights

Weer'd links to another CSGV endorsed article endorsing the elimination of Due Process. W/ all their alleged studies of the Founding Fathers, it seems they have missed Benjamin Franklin.  He did NOT say:

That it is better 100 innocent persons should suffer than that one guilty Person should escape...
What he actually said was:
That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.
But PuSH'ers certainly seem to support the former as they keep proposing laws that effect criminals not in the slightest but target the innocent. But when you have them stating that "There is no such thing as a “law abiding citizen", defending spousal abusers and genocide, you really can't be surprised by anything they do.

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Weer'd Beard said...

It seems that the antis have fallen upon such dire times that their only argument is that the sky is not blue, the Earth is not round, and water is not wet.

They want to ban all guns, and they aim to do it by saying the US Constitution doesn't exist, local laws don't exist, as well as rulings like Heller and McDonald.

Good luck with that, guys!

molonlabe said...

I have to agree with weer'd. It used to be that the only "scratch your head" articles you'd read were from Josh "Big Boomer" Sugarmann and some of the other fringes of logic. At least Helmke and the likes, although misrepresenting statistics and dancing in blood, would form logical conclusions based on the information they CHOSE to present. But over the last year or so it's been an all-out volley of stupidity from every angle. I mean, we have Baldr Odinson demonizing self defense with firearms while his profile picture is him standing in pajamas wielding a sword for God's sake.

Weer'd Beard said...

Not to mention Helmke Getting the boot because A) He was an icky Republican, even in the most nominal sense, and B) He at least ATTEMPTED to make a compelling argument to sane people.

Dan Gross is giving Ladd Everitt a run for his money in inflamed insanity.

molonlabe said...

I think Helmke was too soft for the direction the PuSHers realize they need to go and that's why he got the boot.

Look at his previous blog entries. Sure, he threw the occasional ad hominem here and there, and certainly gave Fred Astaire a run for his money by that great dancing (in blood) he did, but Helmke, compared to the current lot, was stable. I always got the impression that he actually believed his rhetoric and promoted it mostly because is was personal conviction rather than puppetry to keep the Joyce Foundation Pipeline open. Loss after bitter loss in the courts and a swaying public opinion toward guns toward our side has the current anti camp in a frenzy. Their only recourse is smear campaigns. They know they can't defeat us in a debate with statistics or reality for that matter. Their only option is to resurrect the Timothy McVeigh Is The NRA!(tm) meme and run with it. Horwitz is in full insurrectionist mode. Laddy-boy has sunk so deep into irrelevancy that he supports domestic abuse of women over self defense with firearms. Joan Peterson moderates at about a 50% rate when she can no longer sustain her arguments. Baldr just copies and pastes 'studies' and posts on Joan's blog because we found out he plays with swords and he's tired of being called a hypocrit.

The only constant in this whole mess is Sugarmann. He's still an unscrupulous firearms dealer.

Wow. Never thought I'd see the day when Paul Helmke was not extreme enough to head up the Brady's. My my how things have changed.

Weer'd Beard said...

Incorrect, Joan used to Moderate at 50%, now its probably closer to 80!

otherwise, yeah, good point.

Also Its the direction they THINK will work.

At least what passes as "thinking" for them.

As a general rule the wild frothing approach doesn't really do much for recruiting new members.

It does seem to rial up the Choir, and maybe get them to donate more and be more active. That MIGHT be effective if they had any sort of membership base, or popular support....they don't, and I suspect most of the large donors of decades past have looked for greener pastures to waste their money on.

molonlabe said...

Hey, they have membership. Thirdpower counted AT LEAST 4 people at their NRA demonstration. They're one away from being able to form a basketball team!