Friday, May 11, 2012

OGRE Designer's Edition

Well the Kickstarter event is over and the Gamer Geek in me took hold.  W/ less than 30 min. left to spare I sponsored one of the custom sheets of vehicles for the new release of OGRE by SJ Games. It closed out at over $920K w/ over 5K sponsors, breaking several KS records. 

Come Nov. 'Nihon Empire' units will be available through DOOT for the game. This, obviously is the reborn Japanese Empire revisiting claims and losses from earlier in their history.

The Nihon Empire: Flag

 Units are tentatively planned to be white w/ the rising sun logo.

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AuricTech said...

"They may have Claymores and Dragons, but we have Bolos and Ogres!" ;-)

ACS said...

Awesome! One of the $4.5K sheets, right? I'm also a backer (though not at the counter sheet level). I assume you will post an announcement here when the counter sheets are available for sale?

Thirdpower said...

ACS: Planning on it. Also starting an update/reservation list. Pop me an email thirdower (at) hotmail (dot) com