Sunday, May 6, 2012

NG(V)AC Explained

Elliot Fineman started the NG(V)AC (are they still around?  Yeah unfortunately) in 2010 in response to the murder of his son by a gunman. Here's what his bio says on that:
On the morning of December 31, 2006, the Chicago police came to Elliot’s door to tell him his son, Michael Fineman, had been murdered by a stranger, while dining in a San Diego restaurant with his wife. The murderer was a paranoid schizophrenic who had legally obtained the gun. Since that day, Elliot has been committed to preventing other parents and families from having to go through this unimaginable, indescribable and life altering experience.
Now let's look at some of the facts behind the murder. His son was murdered by a man named Ralph Stephen Garbarini in San Diego, California, the state w/ some of the strictest laws in the nation.  I haven't been able to find any information as to whether Garbarini had been diagnosed and/or committed previously but one article I read said he hadn't had a past record of violence. So if he was diagnosed and/or committed, then he did not 'legally' purchase the firearm.  If he wasn't, there wasn't anything in the records that would have disqualified him from ownership under any system or background check.  

I also haven't been able to find where he purchased the firearm (A .22 caliber handgun).  If he purchased it in California, then he was licensed, registered and had gone through background checks no matter where he purchased it in state (gun show or FFL).  If he purchased it out of state and brought it in, then he had 60 days to get said licensing/registration. One report says he arrived in 'San Diego' a little over three weeks before the shooting but not necessarily the state.  That same report also lists what was found in his vehicle when he was caught:
two homemade silencers, a fake ID for “David Sims” and a murder-mystery novel titled “Penance,”
So two 'homemade silencers' (in violation of federal law) and a 'fake ID' (also in violation of the law) plus the fact that the shooter did not have a concealed carry license.   Even if he did 'legally' buy the gun, his other actions showed that he was not planning on using it for legal purposes.

Then take a look at NG(V)AC/Fineman's first target.  Starbucks.  For allowing open carry/concealed carry in their stores depending on state/local law.  Not improvement on mental health screening or making sure records get added to the database, not even trying to 'close the gun show loophole' but a decision by a private company that had nothing in any way connected w/ his son's murder. 

Groups like this don't care about 'gun violence', they care about 'gun control' and 'victims of gun violence' are merely tools to be used to achieve that control.  People like Elliot Fineman and Joan Peterson who have suffered losses from people who shouldn't have been allowed in public have become consumed w/ the tool used and not the underlying reasons behind it. I might feel more sympathetic towards them if they weren't dedicating their life to enabling the same sort of victimhood for the rest of society.

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1 comment:

Weer'd Beard said...

The bottom line for all antis is that everybody with a gun in their possession is a "Gun Owner" (They further conflate this by claiming that Violent Criminals never committed crimes or violence before the News Shooting du jour...and they scoff at all evidence to the contrary)

Yeah, You and I, and the crack dealer around the corner are all "The Same", and we all haven't committed a violent crime...yet.

It isn't reality, but if they were on speaking terms with reality they wouldn't be for gun control laws.