Thursday, May 10, 2012

If It Quacks Like A Duck..

Most of us have seen the Obama Campaign Slogan 'Forward' and even the CPUSA use it, stating "Forward to the future, not backward to the "good old days!".  Using Communist era thinking and terminology seems to be a trend w/ supporters of the Lightbringer.  Another recent tweet by our buddies at the CSGV:
"Never" is a big work in American politics, friend. 100, even 50, years from now, this country will look totally different.
And what does the CPUSA say about that?
* Communists must focus on the long -term goals and not be distracted by short-term goals
Same type of propaganda. Same methodology.  Is it really a surprise that they would have no problems w/ the rounding up of unreliable citizens if done 'properly , believe that those who disagree w/ the (current) gov't should be tried and executed, and regularly rewrite history to fit their agenda? 

Of course then there's the possibility that the synapses in their heads are actually starting to fire and they realize that they're not going to 'win' anything in the near future so HAVE to think 'long term'.  How long do they think the Joyce sugar daddy will last though now that they're getting wrinkles and their chest is starting to sag? 

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Weer'd Beard said...

Well given that "Progressive" is simply the term used these days by Marxists to describe themselves these days so as not to scare the sheep, or allow direct comparisons between them and their mass-murdering idols, and that the Anti-Rights cult has in the last decade and change had most of their Centrist Republicans, and moderate Democrats leave their fold...and have forcibly purged the rest (like Republican Paul Helmke), all that is left is extremist "Progressives" in their ranks.

Gun control is an agenda held EXCLUSIVELY by American Marxists.

TS said...

But it is safe you say we’ll never need private arms in service of the militia 50 or 100 years from now. This county will look totally different, but it can only be *good different*, right Ladd?

Old NFO said...

Political hyenas in sheeps clothing...