Thursday, March 15, 2012

NG(V)AC: Facts Don't Matter

Elliot Fineman: ED of the NGVAC on their FB page:
Why don't you ask NRA HQ. Call and say you want to visit and ask, as I did, if you an bring your gun inside, (Say you really need it to keep you safe). And make sure you do not bring your gun to an NRA convention; they are banned there as well. Any thoughts as to why?
Well that's strikingly similar to a conversation I had w/ one of their board members Lori O'neill as 'Gunsensus'. They have no idea that the NRA HQ has a on site firearm range. They also just 'assume' that the NRA conventions don't allow CCW. Nevermind the fact that I carried at the '08 and '09 conventions and it was lawful at the '11 convention in PA. The only one for the last 4 years where it wasn't allowed was in NC and that was due to state law, not because of the 'NRA'.

So just another 'fact' completely made up by the anti-rights cultists. As if 'facts' mattered to them at all, only getting rid of guns.

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Anonymous said...

Brought to you by the kind of minds that want to ban all shoulder things that go up.

Weer'd Beard said...

Photo from the Media room at the '11 convention.

Robert Farago was on the other side of the table not carrying.

Again a fallacy of assertion of the antis.

Anonymous said...

After reading and going to the links I am still unclear about one thing, is CCW allowed inside NRA building or not?

The other statement is demonstrably false.