Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IL State Rep Darrick Smith "A Real Democrat"

A quote from the Illinois Observer on their endorsement of him:
10th District: Democratic Primary: Derrick Smith vs. Tom Swiss. Smith is the real Democrat. Swiss is a Republican who is cynically attempting to bamboozle Democratic voters. Incumbent State Rep. Smith is endorsed.
Also in the news regarding Rep Smith, on the very same day:

State Rep. Arrested, Charged With Bribery

Yeah, he's 'the real Democrat' alright. A first-termer who's proven himself to be a typical anti-gun Chicago hack. Good riddance to him.

I wonder how stupid the 'Illinois Observer' is feeling right now?

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1 comment:

AuricTech said...

Given their initial endorsement and the political leanings said endorsement implies, I suspect that the Dunning-Kruger effect keeps them from feeling stupid at all.