Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where Great Britain Used to Be

Uncle links to an article on a really talented artist who makes very accurate replicas out of cardboard, including some firearms.

Besides following the Journalist's Guide to Firearms, the article makes a point to call them 'toy' and 'model' guns. Because someone might get confused, thinking you could really shoot a piece of cardboard that's shaped like a gun, and call the Bobbies on him.

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Earl said...

Good pictures, but the college educated don't know the difference between AK47 and M16 or M4. But it is only a former shadow of its glory, the British Empire.

Ken said...

Interesting that the US and the UK have both had huge changes in laws and attitudes about guns and self-defense in recent years, but in opposite directions.

I don't think that this will stand over the long run; the US and the UK are closely enough tied that either the Gun Spring here will end, or the UK will have a Gun Spring of its own. As a practical manner, this means that at some point we need to start pushing for liberalization of British gun laws.