Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fanboy Wars: AR v AK Let the Battle Continue

Over at SayUncle/Gun Nuts.

I spent years being formally trained on the AR/M-16 platform, own a Colt SP-1 and have fired many different M-4geries etc.

I also own an SAR-1 AK clone.

Between the two, I prefer shooting the AK. I may not get as tight groupings but it’s more comfortable for me to shoot and I just enjoy it more.

Simple as that.

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Sailorcurt said...

This "war" is like choosing between a "common" hammer and a rip hammer.

They'll both pound a nail in, but they were designed with different ends in mind.

Personally, my shooting style is "aim small, miss small". I love to be able to put a round right in the spot where the X crosses.

For that reason, I prefer the AR platform (specifically, my custom assembled National Match AR...which shoots WAAAAAY more consistently than I can).

But I can understand perfectly why someone would prefer the AK platform. It has its good points as well as its not so good ones.

All the arguments about which one is "better" makes about as much sense as arguing that one of the aforementioned types of hammers is "better".

Each one has its place...so hedge your bets and keep both at hand.

James Nelson said...

I own several of each and I like them both for different reasons.
Of course I also own 1911s and some modern polymer pistols and like them both. Some of those guns are 9mm and some .45. I'm just no fun on gun forums.

Weer'd Beard said...

Well there you go!

Sounds like me and the M1911.

My experience was just the opposite, I didn't enjoy my AK as much as shooting my SKS, so I sold it and bought an FAL which I enjoy shooting the most of all!

Its not a "one size fit all" universe!