Friday, February 3, 2012

Settlement W/ No Admission of Wrongdoing

Last week I accepted the challenge of the head of the NGVAC, Elliot Fineman. Well today I finally got a response. After some back and forth exchanges, I got this:
I guess your referring to what I copied from the website below. We do not say Hasan was on the Terrorist Watch List, we say what you had said was the case in your earlier email. Nonetheless, since you have taken the time to read the enormous amount of material on our website, we will send you the $25 as a thank you for having done so. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl.
So even though Hasan is used as an example on the page talking about people on the 'Terror Watch List' buying guns, they're not 'really' saying he was on the Terror Watch List.

That's OK. It's still a box of ammo and some Starbucks coffee courtesy of Mr. Fineman. Gotta love it.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Shorter Fineman: Well at least SOMEONE read that website. Here's $25 kid, get outta here.

I'll bet that the $25 hurts as much as the fact that even he knows that they don't stand a chance in hell of success.

Please post a photo of the box of ammo and Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope you'll donate that $25 to the NRA, in the name of Fineman.

Weer'd Beard said...

Make sure to show the transfer receipt/check stub or some documentation that they DID pay you.

I will note that once when contesting a fraudulent ticket my lawyer emphatically told me to NOT pay anything until AFTER the trial (which never came FYI) because no matter what the circumstances PAYING was an admission.

Also the fraudulent information is still on their page.

Pyrotek85 said...

What's even the supposed reason for the terrorist watch list? If they're really 'known' terrorists, then arrest and charge them with a crime and get them off the streets.

If it's just to 'watch' them, wouldn't it tip them off that they're being watched if they get denied to fly or buy a firearm?

This is like the underpants gnomes, they're not even identifying the process in which it stops terrorists. This is all besides the fact that infants or anyone who happens to share a similar name ends up on the list.

Braden Lynch said...

Well, we certainly acknowledge that Mr. Fineman did the right thing and honored the contest conditions.

I do give the respect and recognize when the honorable thing is done.

I will not permit Mr. Fineman or his colleagues to take away any of our enumerated civil rights, such as firearm ownership.

The gloves come off after civility and decency is employed.

Linoge said...


Though his admitting they were wrong without actually admitting they were wrong is... well, pretty pathetic.